Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Below is the last post on this website. I started publishing in 1995 one of the first people to cover #F1 Formula 1 on the internet. itc was a leading Alexa website


I suspect that some Affiliate programs are fraudulent (not tracking to the point of sale); that social media would be nowhere without the support of the public. Google have kindly supplied the site free. They have made billions thanks to you the public. This has been achieved largely with the help of SLAVE LABOR (not paying the contributors for the work that they have done). I have not been paid for many hours of work done but I have had the satisfaction of knowing that my content has been popular

Photos on Google Maps having reached over 14,000,000 clicks in just over 2 years

Google Maps has permission to use these photos on Google Maps and correctly state that they are subject to Copyright. Owner John Nichols

Google could reward contributors by placing a banner on the photos, the proceeds going to the photographer. Likewise anyone embedding the code on placing a YouTube video on their site should be rewarded with any sales made from the banners on the videos; or a percentage shared with the person owning the video.


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What is the business relationship between Google and ? Why are my copyright photos being featured on this site without my permission
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Monday, November 2, 2020

🔮✨Weekly Tarot Messages Nov. 2nd - 8th ~ All Signs Timestamped: Consciousness Evolution Journey 506K subscribers



⭐️ ♏️Scorpio: 0:24 ♐️Sagittarius: 4:55 ♑️Capricorn: 9:32 ♒️Aquarius: 16:01 ♓️Pisces: 21:10 ♈️Aries: 27:27 ♉️Taurus: 32:45 ♊️Gemini: 36:41 ♋️Cancer: 43:01 ♌️Leo: 48:43 ♍️Virgo: 53:54 ♎️Libra: 58:20


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Friday, October 30, 2020

ALL SIGNS - CURRENT ENERGIES CHECK IN,No Clarification (Weekend OCTOBER 30TH - NOVEMBER 1ST): ALI's Tarot 545K subscribers



CAPRICORN 05:22 TAURUS 10:17 VIRGO 14:47 ARIES 19:00 LEO 23:25 SAGITTARIUS 27:34 AQUARIUS 32:02 LIBRA 35:23 GEMINI 39:40 CANCER 44:29 SCORPIO 49:33 PISCES 54:42 

Welcome to ALI's Tarot. 



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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

⭐️Pick-A-Chest⭐️ Full Moon Tarot Reading ~ Oct. 31st - Nov 30th: Consciousness Evolution Journey 505K subscribers


⭐️Timestamps⭐️ 1st Chest: 1:36 2nd Chest: 23:58 3rd Chest: 44:24 ⭐️🦂Scorpio Season General & Love Readings - All Signs Timestamped - Oct. 22 ~ Nov. 21st 🦂


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