Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Numbers Are Superpowers: Decode Yours Using Your Personal Numerology & Discover Your Special Talents - John 9, 1, 3

Published on 9 Mar 2016
ABOUT NATALIE: Natalie Pescetti is a Superpower Coach & Consultant who trains individuals and company cultures in using their innate, real-life Superpowers through Archetypal Numerology. Book a session here: http://www.nataliepescetti.com/superp...

Number 1: Superpower of Independence & Self-Sustenance. You can generate your own life force, resource, insights and guidance on your own two feet and go where no one has gone before.
Number 2: Superpower of Peace & Connection. You can bring forces together into harmonious balance, creating bond.
Number 3: Superpower of Spellcasting. You use your potent self-expression and creativity to affect and imbue your environment.
Number 4: Superpower of Strengthening & Matter Manipulation. You can stabilize and build in the physical world.
Number 5: Superpower of Adaptation & Expansion: Like a chameleon you are an agent of change, adjusting to environments to liberate and transform.
Number 6: Superpower of Nourishment & Healing: With an ecological sensitivity you know what needs to be fed to grow.
Number 7: Superpower of Sonar & X-Ray Vision: You are able to see the inner or deeper workings of things; to sense the understructure.
Number 8: Superpower of Manifestation: You can attract and accumulate resource.
Number 9: Superpower of Utopian Vision: You have the ability to see the best in people and the world and bring it to life.

 if your life path is 7, 8 or 9 see how you can mesh your natural vibration with whatever job or career you currently have.

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